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Number Name
1 " An Index to Georgia Tax Digests" For Oglethorpe County, Peter Wiley is listed for 1798, 1800, 1805 and 1810 ( The 1810 Peter may be a nephew or grandson) [S0021]
2 "Christopher Gist of Maryland and Some of His Descendants 1679-1957," by Jean Muir Dorsey and Maxwell J. Dorsey. [S0140]
3 1)FOGN bible 2)Land Entry Case File - Lawrence County Alabama Homestead [S0129]
4 1)U. S. Census 1900, Lawrence County 2)Gist Bible [S0137]
5 13 Aug 1764AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - CHALKLEY'S CHRONICLES OF THE SCOTCH IRISH IN VIRGINIAUrley vs. Christian.--To Mr. James Cloid, in Augusta County. FortLookout, August 13, 1764. Dear Sir:--If «c72»Mr. John Willy«c117» brings my notefor two pounds and orders amounting to five pounds, none, and six pence,sir, you will be so good as to pay him them and keep ye orders and note tillare meet, and, sir, you will oblige your humble servant--nuse we have none.I am, sir, your friend and well-wisher. (Signed) Alex. Sayers. To Ensign James Cloid. I protest the above order. (Signed) James Cloyd. [S1222]
6 15 Mar 1768Augusta County Order Book XIHemp certificates: Jonathan Cunningham, James McCown, James Campbell, John Thompson, «c72»John Willey«c117», Alexr. Deal, James Thompson, Thos. Kilpatrick, John Nickle. [S1223]
7 15th November, 1764. Augusta CountySame to James Young, 5 shillings andhis maintenance during Samuel's life, 185 acres on Buffalo Creek of JamesRiver, part of a patent to Samuel. Teste: «c72»Peter Wylie«c117», Edward Paris, Joseph Robinson. Delivered: Robert Young, August, 1766 [S1230]
8 15th October, 1765Augusta County Court Will Book IIIpage 92Page 420.--. Jane McCown's bond (with Robt. Young, Jno. Young, Peter Wiley) as administratrix of Moses McCown. [S0179]
9 1768--Page 2, William Beard, Borden's Land; James Hays, Carr's Creak;page 3, John Thompson, Borden's Land; James Thompson, Borden's Land;John Wiley, Black [S0626]
10 1769--Page 5, John Poage, Forks; John Stuart, Borden's Land; JohnThompson, Borden's Land; John White, Forks; page 6, Thomas Bland,Collier's Town; page 7, James Bratton, son Robert; Capt. William Christian, Clear Creek; John Paxton, son Thomas; page 8, John Moore, Walker's Creek; Andrew Hamilton, Jackson's River; John Wiley, Carr's Creek [S0627]
11 1793 Georgia List in Captain William Dukes County:Number 35: Peter Wiley - 1 poll in Wilkes County; 150 acres on Buffaloe joining Bogus; taxes 0.1.9 1/4Number 9: William Strong - 1 poll, 1 slave; 100 acres on Buffaloe joining John HardemanNumber 45: Edward Rylie - 1 poll in Washington County; 227 1/2 acres on Sand Hill Creek joining Col Irvin [S0020]
12 18 June, 1788, John Wiley's will, to sons Thomas and William, all children William, Thomas, Elizabeth, Sarah, Mary..This John Wiley was quite a real estate trader [S0072]
13 18 Sep 1792Augusta County Court Order Book XXIIJohn Wiley's will partly proved [S1220]
14 1800 Georgia CensusOglethorpe CountyWiley, Peter [S0639]
15 1843-1864 Marriage Records, Book 4, Gwinnett Co. GA, Court of Ordinary Researched by Carolyn Nelson Bagley, May 1982 [S0133]
16 1850 United States Federal Census [S164058]
17 1860 United States Federal Census [S136092]
18 1870 United States Federal Census [S138945]
19 1880 Greene County Poll Tax Dist. 16Crowley Saml J. [S0552]
20 1880 Gwinnett County, Georgia Census [S0115]
21 1880 United States Federal Census [S136268]
22 1880Page 14 Cache Township, Greene County, Arkansas:112/118 Crowley, Jefferson 32 Farmer Arks Tenn Tenn (Can read and write)Nancy 31 Keeping house Ark Tenn Ark(Cannot read and write) William 11 Ark Ark Ark(Attended School)Wiley9 Ark Ark Ark(Attended School)John 7 Ark Ark Ark(Attended School)James 5 Ark Ark ArkVirginia 8/12 Ark Ark Ark [S0257]
23 18th Century Virginia Newspapers Page 305 Robt. K. Heakley, Jr. [S0168]
24 1900 United States Federal Census [S132684]
25 1910 United States Federal Census [S132481]
26 19th September, 1765Augusta County Court Will Book IIIpage 92Page 423.--. Henry Kirkham's estate appraised, by Jno. Wiley, Peter Wallace, Wm. McKee. [S0117]
27 21 Feb 1780 affidavit of John Wiley and Peter Wiley concerning service in the French and Indian Wars. Lists their births in Philadelphia, and their parents as John and Catherine Chambers Wiley. [S1168]
28 3 Nov 1750Augusta County Court Minutespage 35Peter Wiley vs. Thomas Scott--Ejectment. Rockbridge. 120 acres on Collier's Creek, copy of grant, to Samuel Patten; 100 acres on a branch of Buffalo Creek of James River, William Hall. [S0178]
29 6 Jan 1792Augusta County Court Minutespage 40John Scott vs. Valentine Miller--Rockbridge, hundred and twenty acres. Patent by Henry Lee to Peter Wiley 6th January, 1792, 120 acres adjoining Smith Williams and Jane Gilmore on Collier's Creek, corner to Valentine Millar. [S0182]
30 7 Nov 1829Elected Justice of the Peace for Cache Township, Lawrence County, Arkansas Territory.Published in the Arkansas Gazette 1830 [S1272]
31 Alabama Soldiers - Revolution, War of 1812, and Indian Wars Gandrud, Pauline Jones Volume 9, pub. 1986 [S0139]
32 online pedigree [S0347]
33 AR Greene Countu Tax List 1837 Crowley, Wiley [S0036]
34 AR Greene County 1837 Wiley Crowley as administrator [S0037]
35 AR Greene County Census 1850 Crowley, Catherine born VA in 1771Listed as a 72 year old farmer with $3100 in real estate [S0042]
36 AR Greene County Census 1850Big Creek Township156 Mellon, Thomas J 28 fmr VA176 Lucy 36 TNShane, Albert 19 fmr TNCrowley, John 13 ARWilliam 11 ARJane 11 ARCyntha 8 ARJefferson 5 ARReal Estate worth $2500 [S0045]
37 AR Greene County Census 1860282 278 Mellon, Lucy 46 F Housekeeper 318 330 TennCrowley, JohnT 24 M Trader ArkJefferson 14 M Attended School Ark283 279 Crowley,B.H. 23 M Farmer 1200 3775 ArkEJ 22 F Housekeeper ArkWH 2M ArkLucy J 1/12 F Ark [S0046]
38 AR Greene County Census 187053 53 Crowley, Samuel J 24 M W Bldg water mill ArkNancey J 23 F W Keeping House ArkWm F 1 M WPersonal Estate and Real Estate valued at $150 [S0047]
39 AR Greene County Land PatentCrowley, Wiley SENE 33/ 17-N 4-E N 5th 40 acres Greene [S0041]
40 AR Greene County Personal and Property Taxes 1866Surn F/Mid Twps Acre Horse Cattle NotesMellon Lucy 16 80 2 11 Widow [S0048]
41 AR Greene County Slave Schedule 1850Crowley, Catherine 6 slaves [S0043]
42 AR Greene County tax list 1834 Crowley, Benjamin [S0025]
43 AR Greene County Tax List 1834 Crowley, Wiley [S0033]
44 AR Greene County Tax List 1835 Crowley, Wiley [S0034]
45 AR Greene County tax list 1835 Crowley, Benjamin [S0026]
46 AR Greene County Tax List 1836 Crowley, Wiley [S0035]
47 AR Greene County Tax List 1836 Crowley, Benjamin [S0027]
48 AR Greene County Tax list 1837 Crowley, Benjamin [S0028]
49 AR Greene County Tax List 1838 Crowley, Wiley [S0038]
50 AR Greene County tax List 1838 Crowley, Benjamin [S0029]
51 AR Greene County Tax List 1839 Crowley, Wiley [S0039]
52 AR Greene County Tax List 1839 Crowley, Benjamin [S0030]
53 AR Greene County Tax List 1840 Crowley, Wiley [S0040]
54 AR Greene County Tax List 1840 Crowley, Benjamin [S0031]
55 AR Territorial Census 1830Crowley, Benjamin Lawrence County [S0044]
56 Arkansas County Marriages, 1837-1957 [S267469]
57 August 1769Augusta County Order Book VAndrew Crockett vs. James Scott.--«c72»Peter Wylie«c117» deposes, 17th June, 1769,before William Preston: That when Peter Cochran was on his journey toHalston River, he stayed some time at the deponent's house, when he observed among Cochran's horses a bay mare with a black list along her back, which Cochran told the deponent he had of James Scott, the present plaintiff, in a swap; that some time afterwards the said Cochran returned to thedeponent's house and told him that he had sold the above mentioned mareto Andrew Crockett on his way out, and further sayeth not [S1225]
58 August 1769Augusta Court Order Book VAndrew Crockett vs. James Scott.--Deposition, «c72»Peter Wylie«c117», 17th June,1769: "When Peter Cochran was on his journey to Halston River" hestopped at deponent's house [S1224]
59 Augusta County Deed Book XVPage 436.--25th April, 1769. Peter Wylie and Mary ( ) and Alexander Wylie and Mary to Henry Stafford, o60, 150 acres, part of 400 acres conveyed to Peter and Alexander by John Wyley, Sr., and to John by William Davis. 22d September, 1763. on New River, corner land of John Wiley, Sr.,: corner Peter Wiley. Teste: Benj. Hawkins, Thomas and Samuel McFarran. William Curey. Delivered: Pat. Lockhart, September, 1772 [S0181]
60 Augusta County Deed Book XVPage 440.--25th April, 1769. Same to John Wiley, Sr., o50, 100 acres on New River, part of 400 acres deeded to Peter and Alexander by said John Wiley and to John by William Davis, 22d September, 1763, Henry Stafford's line. [S0180]
61 AUGUSTA COUNTY, VIRGINIA - CHALKLEY's COURT RECORDS1763-4, Pt. 1John Wiley, Jr., to John Campbell, debtor. To 4 dressed buckskins, at 12,œ2.10.0. Sworn to 15th March, 1768, before Samuel McDowell. [S1221]
62 Benjamin H Crowley's History of Greene County 1906-1907 tells this of Wiley Crowley, his uncle:... He also recalls the first of boots he ever had and it was a happu epocj in his life. His Uncle, Wiley Crowley, was his guardian and took a load of beef cattle to the New Orleans market, and when he returned home he had brought the writer a parir of red-top boots and they were the envy and admiration of the whole county.... The first brick kiln in Greene County was put and operated by Wiley Crowley on his place, which belongs to the writer. The manner of making then was different from what it now is. First the ground had to be cleared, prepared,by mixing the proper amount of clay and sand. Water was then poured on the material and several yoke off oxen were driven in on the yard, and made to tramp the clay and dirt to the right consistency and mix it ready for brick-mounds. The bricks were then burned and were ready for use. They were built into two good chimneys, and are perfectly sound. They are larger than the standard size brick as now manufactured.The old house which Wiley Crowley built as a home for himself and family about the year 1840 is still standing. It was built of large hewed pine logs, and these lay just as they were placed by the neighbors over half a century ago. The logs were cut and hewed by old Zacharia Hampton, father of the late Nimrod Hampton and of Mrs. Lucy Willcockson, widow of Capt. I.P. Willcockson. It is claimed that at the raising of this house that every man in Greene county was present and assisted in the erection of the building. The day for the raising had been set in advance, and word sent around to the different settlements. Those who went from the remote parts of the county had to atart the day before and some reached the homeof Wiley Crowley late atnight on the same day. Others reached points nearby and remained in camp or put up at the house of some neighbor overnight. After assisting in raising the big log house, they started home, and went as far as they could before night over-took them and traveled the remainder of the way the next day. So, it took some of the neighbors three days to help the old man Crowley raise his house. This service was all rendered free of charge, and the writer submits that no such neighborly relations ever existed between men in any other section of the country. The writer remembers having come from near Walcott to the Old Bethel neighborhood to take part in a log rolling, when some neighbor way trying to clear a piece of new ground.There was not then such a thing in the country as a saw-mill, but the people had what thaey called a whip-saw which operated up and down, instead of horizontal as the cross-cut saw. The log which was to be cut into lumber was put up on a scaffold, six or eight feet from the ground, and one man got up on the log to lift the saw and guide it straight, while another man stood directly under the saw and drew it down with force through the log. This last man did all the real labor and his job was some what harder than splitting rails with maul and wedge. Some good lumber was made in this slow and laborious manner, and there is plank in the Wiley Crowley house today cut by the whip-saw method, and it is still in a good state of preservation. [S0123]
63 Benjamin H Crowley's History of Greene County Column in the Paragould Daily Press 1906 and 1907 [S0010]
64 Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Northeast ArkansasGREENE COUNTY-PHYSICAL FEATURES-STREAMS-FORESTS-KIND OF SOIL-AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS-STOCK INTERESTS-REAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY-POPULATION-RAILWAYS-ERA OF SETTLEMENT-A NOTED HUNTER-ACTS OF THE COUNTY BOARD-COUNTY SEAT AND BUILDINGS-OFFICERS-POLITICAL OUTLOOK-LEGAL MATTERS-MILITARY AFFAIRS-MUNICIPALITIES-SCHOOLS-CHURCHES-BIOGRAPHY. The settlement of the territory now composing Greene County began about the year 1820. Benjamin Crowley, grandfather of Hon. Benjamin H. Crowley, and his family were the first settlers, and their nearest neighbors were then at Pocahontas, now the county seat of Randolph County. Crowley's Ridge was named in honor of this pioneer settler. The Pevehouse family, Wiley Hutchins, Jerry Gage, Samuel Willcockson, the Robertsons and J. W. Gage, were among the first settlers of the Crowley neighborhood, which is some twelve miles west of Paragould. William Pevehouse was the first child born in the county, and his brother, Wiley, and Hon. Ben. H. Crowley were first among the next children born. James McDaniel and Jesse Payne were early settlers on Village Creek. Isaiah Hampton and Lewis Bramlet settled in 1848, four miles east of Gainesville. John Mitchell, an early settler near Gainesville, put up the first cotton gin in the county, and Samuel Wilcockson erected the first steam grist mill on Crowley's Ridge, it being on Poplar Creek in the Crowley settlement. [S0375]
65 Birth Certificate from Greene County, Arkansas Certificate #008866-727 [S0122]
66 Birth Certificate on file [S1021]
67 Bourbon Co, KY 1791 reconstructed 1790 KY cen [S0337]
68 Bride Index Colonial Georgia Marriage Records [S1878]
69 Census [S0746]
70 Census [S0747]
71 Census [S0764]
72 Census [S0766]
73 Census [S0769]
74 Census [S0770]
75 Census [S0799]
76 Census [S0845]
77 Census [S0846]
78 Census [S0881]
79 Census [S1104]
80 Census [S1147]
81 Census [S1148]
82 Census [S1164]
83 Census [S1195]
84 Census [S1317]
85 Census [S1318]
86 Census [S1319]
87 Christopher Gist and some of his Descendants, 1679-1957, by Jean Muir Dorsey, and Maxwell J. Dorsey. [S0167]
88 Christopher Gist of Maryland and Some of His Descendants [1679-1957] Dorsey, Jean Muir & Maxwell J. pub 1969 [S0155]
89 Common Law Docket Sept. Term 1891Lucy Mellon vs B.H. Crowley com in equity [S0642]
90 Correspondence from Lucian G Crowley, grandson of Lucy. [S0011]
91 Deed of John Wiley to Peter Wiley (son) and Alex. Wiley (son) 200#, 400 acres on New River, Francis Riley's line, 19 Aug., 1765 [S0071]
92 Descendants of Benjamin Crowley from Galen Louie Stuart [S0014]
93 Descendants of Isaac Van Hoeck [S1877]
94 EARLY RANDOLPH COUNTY ARKANSAS MARRIAGESThomas Crowley to Sinthy Campbell. 3 Nov 1823 by W.C. Bryant(After Thomas Crowley's death she married David W. Lowe 19 Mar 1829 by Issac Brookfield.Samuel Crowley to Sarah Hudgens 28 Feb 1823 by Charles Robertson, J.P. Witnesses Wiley Crowley, Preston Harris.Sally Crowley to Thomas Lamb, 21 Jun 1829 by Issac BrookfieldNimrod Capps to Cynthia Mattix, 13 June 1830 by Isham F. Alcorn, J.P. Davidson Township, old Lawrence county. [S0644]
95 Estimation. Wiley was alive after the 1840 census, and his son Samuel Jefferson Crowley was born in 1846 so he must have died around that time. His wife was remarried by 1850 [S0523]
96 Fact 5: NDAR #617397A660 [S0134]
97 Fact 8: Page 425 Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia. Lyman Chalkey Vol. 3 [S0132]
98 FAG ( [S204492]
99 Fathers of the Ridge, by George Rowland Entry on the Spain familyThe neighbors of the Spains in 1880 were the families of Taylor Land, W.P. Peevyhouse, Jefferson Crowley, and G. W. Swindle. [S0497]
100 FOGN Bible record page #2 [S0150]
101 FOGN Bible Record Page #2 [S0160]
102 Friends Records, Baltimore, Maryland Bk. 116 [S0127]
103 From tombstone @ Warren's Chapel Cemetery, Walcott, Arkansas Greene County. The dates are gone now and the marker is broken. [S0008]
104 From Tombstone at Crowley-Mattix Cemetery, Walcott, Greene, Arkansas behind where the old Wiley Crowley House Stood. From field notes taken 23 May 2001 [S0012]
106 Gist Bible [S0158]
107 Grady Richard & Carol Nutt Glenwood, Arkansas 71943 [S13253]
108 Gravestone [S25307]
109 Greene County, Arkansas Cache Township CensusWiley Crowley 1841 [S0368]
110 Ida Fay Nutt Knight [S29293]
111 In the year 1868 the Republican Governor of the state appointed James Hanover, and old exslave, a justice of the peace in Lawrence County. This Negro was one of the slaves that Benjamin Crowley brought with him to Crowley's Ridge when he settled there in 1821. This same darky came ahead with the Crowley boys when they returned to build a house and get things ready for the family and stock, as previously narrated. James Hanover wed the logs that went into the first house ever built on Crowley's Ridge, and he remained with the family on the place, through all the years of adventure and growth of that period. At the death of the old man Crowley the Negro Hanover was left in charge of the place, including the other slaves, stock, lands and literally the head of the family, subject to the supervision of his old master the widow. Faithfully and ably did he discharge his responsible trust, as foreman and general manager of the vast plantation. He was an upright and honorable man, and everyone held him in the highest esteem, and respected his judgement in a business transaction. At the death of the widow of Benjamin Crowley, old Jim and the other slaves and personal properties were sold at a public auction, and he became the property of John Michael of Gainesville, Michael took the contract to build the court house at Gainesville, and old Jim had charge of that work, and really did the greater part of the work. At the death of Col. Mitchell, Jim and his wife were bought by L. Hanover & Co. of Pocahontas, the leading merchant of northeast Arkansas. At the close of the war Jim was left in Lawrence county, near Pocahontas, and not far from the place where he entered the state forty-five years ago. By this time he was getting quite old, and no one could ever guess why he was appointed justice of the peace, as he could neither read nor write. Jim was a large man, and in the fall of 1868 while he was in the cotton patch, seated picking cotton, being too old and portly to walk or stoop, some men came along the road and shot the old man to death. These men came out to where old man George W. Wright had a mill, and stopped, and began telling what they had done. It was grinding day, or Saturday, and several men were at the mill, and the boasting about the brutal murder of old Jim met with little favor among the men assembled there. The mill was near old Crowley's home and everyone knew and loved the old darky, he having almost raised the Crowley boys.As the cowardly and brutal fellows were jokingly telling how they shot the old man as he was seated in his chair, they were told by Capt. Willcockson who was among those at the mill that they had better keep that performance to themselves, and if they valued their lives they had best continue their journey on out of the country. They took this advice, and got away before any of the Crowley boys appeared on the scene, or they might have been in serious trouble over the circumstances, as they as well as many of the neighbors held old Jim in the highest regard, and would have fought for him. There was a belief that his cruel assassination was the act of the Ku-Klux Klan, but this was not true, especially as regards to the organization in this section of the state. Benjamin H Crowley's History of Greene County, Arkansas 1906-1907 [S0176]
112 Interment.Net cemetery records [S197358]
113 Jefferson Crowley married a woman named Nancy, born in Arkansas in 1849. In 1880 they were living in Cache Township and their children at home were: William 1869; Wiley 1871; John 1873; James 1875; and Virginia, born in Oct. of 1879. Their nearest neighbors at this time were the families of W.P. Peevyhouse, Harvey Spain, G.W. Swindle, and J.R. Gramling. Father's of the Ridge, by George Rowland, entry on the Crowley family [S0498]
114 Jno. Wiley vs. McCampbell--O. S. 79; N. S. 27--Bill, 1804. John Wiley bought land on Carr's Creek from Borden and got deed in 1770, whichhe divided between his sons John and Andrew. The description calls forthe lines of William McCampbell. Edward Gaylor deposes that in 1753he lived with Frank McCown on the land in dispute. [S0625]
115 John T. McKee makes declaration, January 5th, 1835: For and on behalfof his mother, Nancy McKee, widow of James McKee, deceased; Jamesdied August 14, 1832, aged 80 years and 6 months; he was born in Pennsylvania March 14th, 1752, and came with his brother to Virginia and settledon Kerr's Creek in the year 1754; served under Col. William Christian;was substitute for William McKee; Colonel Dickinson, Capt. Charles Campbell, Lieut. Samuel Davidson, all now dead; served as Ensign under Col.John Bowyer, Capt. Thomas Harrison, Lieut. Alex. Wiley; mentions JohnDavidson, a pensioner, General Campbell, General Muhlenberg, ColonelWillis. William McKee, brother of James, deposes as to his services. [S0630]
116 Land Patent dated 16 Aug 1838Crowley Benjamin Aliquot Parts Sec/Blk Twn Range Fract.Sect. Meridian Acres CountiesSESW NWSW 4/ 16-N 4-E N 5th 80/0 Greene [S0023]
117 Land Patent Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania18 Jan 1744 John Wiley 100 acres [S1059]
118 Later on old man Crowley got him sand stones from a quarry on Sugar creek just north of where the Comissary now stands and dressed them down and made him a set of mill stones, there being an upper and a lower stone, he constructed a mill propelled by horse power , which was the first corn mill of any kind ever put up in Greene countyBenjamin H Crowley's History of Greene County Arkansas, 1906-1907 [S0177]
119 Lawrence County Arkansas Cache Township CensusWiley Crowley 1830 [S0363]
120 Lawrence County Arkansas Cache Township CensusWiley Crowley 1831 [S0364]
121 Lawrence County Arkansas Cache Township CensusWiley Crowley 1831 [S0365]
122 Lawrence County Arkansas Cache Township CensusWiley Crowley 1833 [S0366]
123 Lawrence County Arkansas Cache Township CensusWiley Crowley 1834 [S0367]
124 Lawrence County Probate Index39. CROWLEY, John, deceased. Bond of Benjamin CROWLEY, administrator, June 27,1816. Securities: Alexander HODGE, Jacob PEVEHOUSE, Edward McDONALD, John HUDGINS. Witness: Lewis deMUN. Statement of administrator: "John CROWLEY died leaving legal heirs, towit: his father, Benjamin CROWLEY." [S0645]
125 Lawrence County, Arkansas1829 Tax ListCrowley, Benjamin Spring River Townships Page 001 and 002Crowley, Samuel Spring River Township Page 001Crowley Wiley Spring River Township Page 001 [S0024]
126 Lucy Mellon to Benjamin H. Crowley 580 acres by deed 27 Oct 1881 [S0687]
127 Lucy Mellon's will (including her own signature) dated 12 March 1886She was quite wealthy and left everything to her granchildren of her deceased children Samuel Jefferson Crowley and Elizabeth Jane Crowley12 beneficiaries total [S0050]
128 Many of these families either accompanied the Crowley family to what is now Crowley's Ridge during 1821 or followed shortly thereafter. Probable reason is due to the following listed family connections. Nimrod and Lucy Capps were probably children of the Esther Capps listed in the 1815/16 tax records above. Lucy married Wiley Crowley, son of Ben. Nimrod Capps married Cynthia, a daughter of Edward& Elizabeth BOND Mattix. Son Edward Mattix III married Charity Robertson. Her brother Charley Robertson married Peggy Crowley. Polly Crowley married Abraham Pevehouse. Their son Wiley Pevehouse married Margaret Capps, daughter of Nimrod and Cynthia Mattix Capps. [S0522]
129 Marriage Certificate or License [S14370]
130 Montgomery C., Va. Tax List: Peter Wylie 1370 Acres [S0016]
131 Montgomery County, Virginia1786 March 4, WILLIAM HEAVIN and BARBARA SHELL, daughter of Jacob Shell who gave consent, sur. John Wylie. [S1229]
132 October Session of Greene County Probate Court. (abstract) Saml J Crowley dcd Wife Nancy J Crowley receives all of estate beacuse value does not exceed 300.00 dollars. 2 Mules- 100.001 Wagon and Harness- 40.0012 Head of Cattle- 100.0018 Head of Hogs- 36.00Total 276.00 [S0009]
133 Oglethorpe Tax List GSU F 24470 Part 1: 1795#73 Benjamin Croley#74 Mary Gibson#77 John Croley, 150 acres adjoining Benjamin Croley#94 Samuel Croley#96 Benjamin CroleyArmstrong District, Lexington Area [S0169]
134 Oglethorpe Tax List GSU F 24470 Part 1: 1796#4 Benjamin Croley (the elder)#5 Benjamin Croley taxed for Mary Gibson, widow (his sister- this is her household though, they are neighbors)#47 John Crowley#66 William Crowley#68 Samuel Crowley#77 Benjamin Crowley (the younger) [S0170]
135 Oglethorpe Tax List GSU F 24470 Part 1: 1797#51 Samuel Croley#58 Benjamin Croley#14 Benjamin Croley Sr 200 acres lying next to and he is also taxed for the lands of Mary Gibson, widow (his sister) [S0171]
136 Oglethorpe Tax List GSU F 24470 Part 1: 1798#61 Benjamin Croley Sr# 66 Abram Croley#56 John Croley mentioned# 68 Benjamin Croley Jr#69 John Croley [S0172]
137 Oglethorpe Tax List GSU F 24470 Part 1: 1799#45 John Croley#46 Benjamin Croley Sr#47 Abram Croley#47 James Croley#57 Benjamin Croley Jr [S0173]
138 Oglethorpe Tax List GSU F 24470 Part 1: 1800#35 Benjamin Croley#74 John Croley#75 Benjamin Croley Jr#79 James Croley, shown sold to John Croley#80 William Croley#81 Abram Croley [S0174]
139 Osborne Origins Website [S1888]
140 Osborne Origins [S0111]
141 page 139, James Patterson, sadler; John Wiley, New River, (June), recording Wiley's deeds toyou [S0628]
142 Page 279.--1760: Processioned by James Trimble, John Maxwell, viz:For Joseph Lapsley (bad state health), for John Moore, for Robert Alexander, for John Wiley, for James Campbell [S0629]
143 Page 385.--1765: Processioned by Collier and McCampbell, viz: ForWilliam McCamey, for Jno. Beatty (Samuel Norrad present), for SolomonWhitley, for Wm. Gilmore, for Robt. Erwin, for Jno. McKee, for Andw.McCampbell, for Henry Kirkham, for Edward Fairies, for James Campbell,for Alex. Deal, for John Gilmore, for Moses Cunningham for Robt. Hamilton, for James McCalster, for Hugh Cunningham, for George McConne;for Wm. Moore, Michael Kirkham present; for James Young, for RobertMcKelhenny, for Margery Crawford, for Saml. Todd, for Rob. Young,for James Hutton, for James Todd, for George Gibson for Alex. Collier,for Jno. Hanna, for Robt. Talford, for Robt. McHenry, for David Talford,for William Hall, for John McMurtrey, for James Davies, for Robt. McKee,for Jno. Somers, for Jno. Huston, for Jno. Wylie [S0631]
144 Personal Knowledge [S0001]
145 Rootsweb Geneaology [S0112]
146 Rootsweb Geneaology [S0113]
147 Rootsweb Geneaology [S0114]
148 RootsWeb's WorldConnect Project [S1886]
149 Ruby Claudette Hyde Pullen Stogsdill [S0005]
150 St Louis, Missouri Marriage License [S0121]
151 Suzanne Osborn Rootsweb database: suzosborn [S195311]
152 Tax List [S0894]
153 U. S. Census 1900, Lawrence County, AL [S1882]
154 Unnamed Source [S0175]
155 Virginia Military Records Genealogical Publishing Co. Page 242 [S0144]
156 Virginia Military Records, Genealogical Publishing Co. 1983 Pages 207,223, 242. [S0138]
157 Will of John WILEY presented Nov. 20, 1792 by James DAVIS and John WILEY, Jr.Three sons Peter, Alex and Thomas Willey. Son John Willey, executor. Written Jan. 3, 1792. Signed John WYLIE [S0118]
158 Will of Lucy Capps Crowley Mellon dated 1886 [S0013]
159 Will of Peter Wiley (Her Father) "... I give an bequeath to my daughter Cathrine Crowley twenty five cents.."April 1805 Recorded 20 Jun 1805 Will Book A, Page 150 Oglethorpe County, Georgia [S0643]
160 Will of Peter Wiley dated 9 Apr 1805 [S0019]
161 Will Recorded 20 Jun 1805 Oglethorpe County; Will Book A, page 150 [S0022]