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Letter Name State Country Latitude Longitude
A Aberdeen, Scotland [P0366]        
  Against the Cherokees [P0115]        
  AL, CHEROKEE, 27-District, p 78b-79a, hh 230/230 Jesse W Osborn (Margaret age 14 GA) [P0249]        
  AL, CHEROKEE, 27-District, p 78b-79a, hh 230/230 Jesse W Osborn age 40 SC [P0256]        
  AL, CHEROKEE, roll 3 page 143 hh Jesse Osborne 111001-11001 [P0255]        
  Alabama [P0336]        
  Alabama [P0337]        
  Alabama [P0338]        
  Alabama [P0339]        
  Alabama? Tennessee? [P0057]        
  All Saints Parish, Garsdon, Norfolk, England [P0162]        
  Alpine Township, Clark County, Arkansas - Series: M593 Roll: 49 Page: 176 [P0241]        
  Alpine Township, Clark County, Arkansas - Series: M653 Roll: 39 Page: 171 [P0240]        
  Alpine township, Clark County, Arkansas - Series: M653 Roll: 39 Page: 173, Dwelling 246, age 48 b. GA [P0258]        
  Alpine township, Clark County, Arkansas - Series: M653 Roll: 39 Page: 173, Dwelling 246, age 50, farmer, b. South Carolina [P0257]        
  Amity, Clark County, Arkansas [P0204]        
  Amity, Clark County, Arkansas - Sheet 174A [P0210]        
  Amity, Clark, Arkansas [P0211]        
  Amity, Clark, Arkansas, United States [P0242]        
  Arkansas [P0212]        
  Arkansas? [P0238]        
  Augusta County, Virginia [P0414]        
B Baltimore Co., Md [P0027]        
  Baltimore County, Maryland [P0040]        
  Baltimore County, MD [P0126]        
  Baltimore, MD [P0163]        
  Bangor, AL [P0014]        
  Blount Springs, AL [P0019]        
  Botetourt Co., VA [P0129]        
  Botetourt Co., Va. [P0136]        
C Calvert County, Maryland [P0055]        
  Capt. Robeson’s Company of Va. Militia. [P0130]        
  Cherokee Indian Scout for the South in Civil War [P0248]        
  Cherokee, Colbert County, Alabama [P0039]        
  City Hospital #1, St Louis, St Louis, Missouri [P0364]        
  Clark County, Arkansas [P0205]        
  Colbert Co., AL [P0022]        
  Colbert County, Alabama [P0048]        
  Company B, 3rd Arkansas Infantry & Company B, 4th Arkansas Calvary [P0267]        
  County Roscomman, Ireland [P0128]        
  Coweta Co, GA, USA [P0296]        
  Crowley Cemetery, Behind where the Old Crowley Home Stood [P0382]        
  Crowley Homestead Crowley’s Ridge, Greene, Arkansas [P0413]        
  Crowley Homestead, Greene County, Arkansas [P0383]        
  Crowley, Greene County, Arkansas [P0408]        
  Cumberland Co., NC [P0023]        
  Cumberland County, North Carolina [P0036]        
D Divernon, Illinois [P0415]        
  Divinity County, South Carolina [P0444]        
E Eastport, Tishomingo County, Mississippi [P0061]        
  England [P0120]        
  England? [P0047]        
F Fayette Co., AL [P0003]        
  Fayette Co., AL, USA [P0307]        
  Fayette, Fayette Co, AL, USA [P0295]        
  Fayetteville, Fayette Co., AL [P0006]        
  Fayetteville, Fayette Co., AL, USA [P0324]        
  Find A Grave Memorial# 42095089 [P0250]        
  First Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [P0407]        
  Franklin, Georgia [P0007]        
  Frederick Co., Md. [P0138]        
  Friendship Cemetery, Amity, Clark County, Arkansas [P0247]        
  Fulton County, Arkansas [P0049]        
G GA, USA [P0326]        
  Garsdon, Norfolk, England [P0122]        
  Georgia [P0342]        
  Green County, AR [P0347]        
  Greene Co, AR [P0397]        
  Greene Co., AR [P0030]        
  Greene County, Arkansas [P0365]        
  Gwinnett Co. GA [P0156]        
  Gwinnett Co. GA. [P0157]        
  Gwinnett County, GA [P0067]        
  Gwinnett County, Georgia [P0092]        
  Gwinnett County, Georgia [P0345]        
H Halifax County, Virginia [P0412]        
  Hardeman County, TN [P0134]        
  Henderson County, Kentucky [P0379]        
  Henderson County, Kentucky census [P0044]        
  Hopewell, PrimitiveBaptist, Church Cemetery, Fayette Co. [P0305]        
  Hopewell, PrimitiveBaptist, Fayette Co, AL, USA [P0297]        
  Hopkins County, Kentucky [P0392]        
I Ireland [P0127]        
J Jackson Co., GA [P0008]        
  Jackson Co., GA, USA [P0323]        
  Jackson County, AL [P0165]        
  Jackson County, GA [P0001]        
  Jackson County, Georgia [P0005]        
  Jefferson Co., Tn. [P0137]        
K Kentucky [P0346]        
  King’s Mountain, North Carolina [P0043]        
L Lake Township, Greene County, Arkansas [P0387]        
  Land patents dated December 1, 1857 [P0246]        
  Lauderdale County, Alabama [P0037]        
  Lauderdale Springs, Mississippi [P0384]        
  Laurens County, South Carolina [P0254]        
  Lawrence Co., Alabama [P0096]        
  Lawrence County, AL [P0065]        
  Lawrence County, Arkansas [P0378]        
  Lincoln County, Tennessee [P0445]        
  Lincoln County, Virginia [P0375]        
  Locust Bottom, Botetourt Co., VA [P0135]        
  Loudoun County, Virginia [P0046]        
M Missouri [P0388]        
  Montgomery C., Va. Tax List: Peter Wylie 1370 Acres [P0109]        
  Montgomery Co., VA [P0029]        
  Montgomery Co., VA. [P0373]        
  Montgomery Co., VA: Peter Wylie 13 hores, 14 cattle. [P0110]        
  Mossy Creek, Tn. [P0139]        
  Moulton, Lawrence, Alabama [P0010]        
  Murfreeboro, Rutherford, Tenn [P0334]        
N Named as a defendent in Botetourt Co., Va., Chancery Court. [P0113]        
  North Carolina [P0021]        
  North Washington, Wilkes, Georgia, USA [P0002]        
  Nottingham, Kent, England [P0121]        
O Oglethorpe Co., GA [P0105]        
  Oglethorpe Co., Ga. [P0031]        
  Oglethorpe County, Georgia [P0288]        
  Oglethorpe, Georgia [P0422]        
  Orange Co., NC [P0116]        
  Osborn Cemetery, Clark County, Arkansas [P0259]        
  Oxford, England [P0124]        
  Ozark Co., MO [P0119]        
P Paragonah, Iron, Utah, USA [P0332]        
  Pennsylvania [P0372]        
  Peter Wylie granted 50 Acres for service as Ranger. [P0111]        
  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania [P0374]        
  Pike City, Pike County, Arkansas [P0253]        
  Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery [P0004]        
  Private [P0133]        
  prob TN [P0026]        
  prob. east Tennessee [P0028]        
  prob. Tennessee [P0038]        
R Randolph County, Arkansas [P0419]        
  Red Land PO, White Township, Pike County, Arkansas - Series: M593 Roll: 60 Page: 243 [P0244]        
  Rev. War [P0132]        
  Rockford, Illinois [P0396]        
  Rutherford, Gibson, Tennessee, USA [P0333]        
S Scott County, Arkansas [P0056]        
  Scott County, Arkansas? [P0058]        
  See Notes [P0114]        
  Shiloh Cemetary, Greene County, Arkansas [P0410]        
  South Carolina [P0011]        
  Sparks Cemetery, Shawmut, Pike County, Arkansas [P0266]        
  St Louis, Missouri [P0368]        
  Stokes County, North Carolina [P0042]        
  Sulgrave, North, England [P0125]        
T Tapsville Cemetary, Lawerence Co. AL [P0068]        
  Tennessee [P0071]        
  Thornfield, Ozark, Missouri [P0293]        
U Union County, Illinois [P0409]        
V VA [P0112]        
  Virginia [P0025]        
  Virginia [P0294]        
  Virginia? [P0367]        
W Wake County, North Carolina [P0245]        
  Warren, Tennesse [P0411]        
  Warren’s Chapel Cemetery [P0385]        
  Warren’s Chapel Cemetery, Walcott, Greene, Arkansas [P0399]        
  Webster County, Kentucky [P0391]        
  Wilkes County, GA [P0150]        
  Will probated at Botetrout Co., Va. [P0131]        
  Will recorded. [P0107]        
  Williams Cemetery, Webster County, Kentucky [P0393]        
  Wiltshire County?, England [P0054]        
  Wiltshire, England [P0123]        
  Winchester, Virginia [P0045]        
  With brother, Alexander, purchased 400 acres on New River from father, John. [P0108]        
  Wrote will in Oglethorpe Co., Ga. [P0106]