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James Norton (US) says...
With my Kindle bill reaching almost a $100.00 last month I started re reading most of my books. I just finished Key to Magic at the beginning of October and Potatoes this morning. While I still hold a special place for \'to end a War\' anyone who has been married for a while will understand Everette\'s relationship is Sarah completely. (My wife gets very mad when I tell people that I have been married for 31 years and I\'m used to taking orders) I look forward to Wizard and the ... Read More
16th October 2013 3:16pm
Andrew Nimmo (US) says...
I absolutely love ❤️ the key to magic series. I can\\\'t say I have ever found a better series. The first inconvenient magic book was awesome but I\\\'m not crazy about the second. I can\\\'t wait for the next book to come out.
13th October 2013 7:40pm
H. says...
Yes, I\'ve let the Facebook page die stillborn. At the moment, there is no time in the schedule for it.
28th September 2013 6:19pm
Rick Benedict (US) says...
Like what you are doing with the website... Did you stop using FaceBook?
26th September 2013 8:45pm
Brian S (US) says...
Love your Key to Magic series. Wasn\'t crazy about the second book in the Unfettered series, but I\'ll probably buy the next one anyway. Hate the gorgon on your webpage. Just hate it. I\'d recommend \'Not your typical scantily-clad virgin sacrifice\' It was pretty amusing. Anxious for Wizard to be released. Green is a number. If you get that question, type TRUE.
13th September 2013 2:40am
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