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Brian S (US) says...
Love your Key to Magic series. Wasn\'t crazy about the second book in the Unfettered series, but I\'ll probably buy the next one anyway. Hate the gorgon on your webpage. Just hate it. I\'d recommend \'Not your typical scantily-clad virgin sacrifice\' It was pretty amusing. Anxious for Wizard to be released. Green is a number. If you get that question, type TRUE.
13th September 2013 2:40am
James Norton (US) says...
I greatly enjoy all of the author\\\'s books. I find his wit and humor to be exceptional and downright funny. Having begun by reading his Key to Magic series I have since read all of his books and look forward to each and every future publication. (My favorite is to end a war) I am sorry to learn of his son\\\'s illness and hope that he gets well and recovers.
Read the books, you will not be disappointed.
6th September 2013 10:21am
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