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D.W. Jackson says...
really love your books. As a fellow author if you can think of any way i can give you a hand just give me a shout at
20th September 2015 1:36am
Robin (UK) says...
Long term blog stalker, first time commenter.
Absolutely love the key to magic series and I\'ve been eagerly awaiting the release of each novel from the very beginning. I\'ve been trying to find theif to pre-order but it doesn\'t seem to be there yet.

they are many people hooked on your works and I hope you realise how much joy they give us.

Hope your well
17th August 2015 6:09pm
TX (Australia) says...
As a Sci-Fi/Fantasy reader, I was hooked when I read the corollary from the first book I took a chance on Amazon...brilliant! Love the story, keep at it!
9th July 2015 5:40pm
Norm Miller (US) says...
Your writing fills a void that was left when RAH left us, and Spider Robinson ceased churning out his Callahan novels! I have now read everything you\\\'ve published and enjoyed every word! Anxiously awaiting \\\"Thief\\\"!
23rd May 2015 2:42pm
Eric (US) says...
I loved your books. I look forward to the next book! The end of Wizard left me yearning for more. Thanks for writing.
3rd February 2015 2:34pm
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