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H. Jonas Rhynedahll says...
The enervated bolts are what they are presented to be. The Lowlands Southern dialect is genuine and you should simply google it. If you could hear me speak, you would immediately understand. In any event, I would suggest that you not allow your preconceptions make you stumble over things that are wrongly perceived as incorrect.
29th February 2016 6:06pm
Jennifer J.S. Brooks (US) says...
Loved the Key to Magic series and think the Riders books are even better. When in 2016 do you expect Rider\'s Doom to be out? Craving...!
7th February 2016 8:53pm
H. Jonas Rhynedahll says...
Rider\'s Doom will not likely appear before the late Autumn. This series is actually the runt of the litter and does not get much attention.
20th February 2016 6:32am
Wheezer (US) says...
Runt of the litter? Riders is great! Now you tell me I have to wait months & months for book 3? What am I to do in the meantime? I mean, I\'ve already bought and read everything you have on Amazon! :D
25th February 2016 12:01am
H. Jonas Rhynedahll (US) says...

In terms of sales, The Chronicle of the Rider is still born. I actually only became motivated to write the second book because one of my brothers asked about it. I had originally planned to write five books, but scaled that back to three when it became apparent that no one cared for the first book.
26th February 2016 10:00am
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