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Paul (Australia) says...
I have just read The Key To Magic I on my Kobo. I have purchased and tried several times to download and read The Key to Magic II but when trying to open the book after download, it locks my Kobo. Every other book works fine.

Anything you can do?

I really want to read it :)


21st June 2016 7:43pm
H. Jonas Rhynedahll (US) says...
I sent you an email when you originally made this post. As I did not receive a reply, I do not know if you received the email. If you are still having problems reading the book, email me at with Book Problem in the title.
1st August 2016 6:24am
Doug (US) says...
Really enjoy your books! However, a couple of misspelled or misused words that occur frequently detract from the experience: \\\"loose\\\" used when clearly \\\"lose\\\" is meant; and \\\"enervate\\\" used to indicted an empowerment of some sort when, in fact, the word means exactly the opposite.

I hope you find the inspiration to keep writing,

27th February 2016 6:59pm
H. Jonas Rhynedahll says...
Hi. On the contrary, I know exactly what enervated means and I am using in it the correct fashion (not as empowerment but rather the opposite.) In fact, as this has come up in the past, I added a descriptive passage in one of the books describing in detail what \"enervated bolts\" were. Perhaps you missed it. In any event, in this context, the preconception of the meaning of the word \"bolt\" as a type of energy blast is not supported or indicated in the text. As far as ... Read More
27th February 2016 8:02pm
Douglas Koch (US) says...
Ok. I still dig your stuff. But firing off a debilitated bolt.? Ain\\\'t buying it. And Southern Lowlands? English is English. Don\\\'t get me wrong man, you are a good writer.
29th February 2016 9:33am
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