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James R Norton Sr (US) says...
Mr. Rhynedahll:
We miss you and want more books please! We want to know why there are no \'Babes\' in the Apocalypse, or what happened after the war ended with the Khig, or better yet how is Everett going to win his latest battles and can the other gods help him?
16th September 2019 9:20pm
H. Jonas Rhynedahll (US) says...
The latest book in the Inconvenient Magic series (Everett) should be out by the end of this year.

I haven\'t posted here in a while because this site does not see much traffic. It also needs a major upgrade, which is very low on my priority list.
17th September 2019 6:57am
Jorge Jeremias (Portugal) says...
Just wanted to say hi and say that I\'m loving your books. I desperately want to read the conclusion of Inconvenient Magic, when do you think you\'ll get round to writing it? All the best in your writing career.
9th September 2019 7:07pm
H. Jonas Rhynedahll says...
The latest book in the Inconvenient Magics series is in process now. It should be out in about 2 months.
9th September 2019 7:28pm
David Bennett (Australia) says...
I have read all your books and am keen to bite into the next one (two or three). Not going to snipe about spelling etc as its the story plot, characters and ideas that make me want to turn the page and capture my imagination. Its evident that your writing skills have developed rapidly through the books and I love to see that. So looking forward to the next books and thanks for writing such interesting stories.
11th January 2017 10:27pm
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