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1900 United States Census of Lawrence County, Alabama

Transcribed Facsimiles With Annotations



(2,685 individuals of 20,124 - (59 pages June 22, 2013)

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Free images of the 1900 United States Census of Lawrence County are available at:

Lawrence County Alabama Genealogy & Other Diggins

The following transcription was found under a cabbage leaf:

Sheet 3B, Civil District #2, Lincoln County, Tennessee

These pages are not abstracts. They maintain the overall format of the originals. The majority of the original data is included and the row/column outline of the enumeration forms has been retained. Therefore, these pages are WIDE.

The population of Lawrence County in 1900 was 20,124 .( ) The 1900 census schedules had 50 lines per page and one individual was enumerated per line. Some pages were not filled. There are approximately 402 pages in this census.

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