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Right                                                                                                                                                                Left
Supervisor's District No.    8    
Enumeration District No.   78   
State  Alabama             

County  Lawrence           
Sheet No.
Township or other division of county                             Pin Hook Beat No 8                             Name of institution,                                                                            .
Name of incorporated city, town, or village, within the above-named division,                                                                                            Ward of city,                    .
                    Enumerated by me on the    21st & 22nd    day of June, 1900,                          R. Y. Goodlett                          , Enumerator.

      LOCATION                       NAME             RELATION            PERSONAL DESCRIPTION            NATIVITY     CITIZENSHIP      OCCUPATION         EDUCATION     OWNERSHIP
        1   2                         3                  4       5  6      7          8   9  10 11 12   13   14   15    16  17  18          19      20  21  22  23  24 25 26 27  28


A) Generally, errors in the original placement of data were not corrected.
B) Standard state abbreviations were used in place of full state name or abbreviation used by the enumerator.
C) Where initial entry has been corrected on the original, corrected data has been transcribed unless otherwise noted.
D) Horizontal lines added to distinguish family groups. These lines do not reflect bold divisions of original.
E) ? in an entry indicates a guesstimate.
F) An arbitrary scheme of capitalization was used in the transcription that does not reflect the actual capitalization scheme(s) of the original document.

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